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Database in SDL MultiTerm format with the IATE Terminology. Thematical area: POLITICS.


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The IATE (= Inter-Active Terminology for Europe) inter-institutional terminological database is the biggest archive of accessible online terminology. Its more than 1.300.000 entries, with more than 8 million codified terms, and the fact that encompasses a total of 24 languages, have made out of it an indispensable tool in any multilingual environment.
Given that the effectiveness in usage of the terminology it is in a relation inversely proportional to the size of the file to manage, the set of terms it is shown by thematic areas. IATE classifies its terms in a total of 22 themes and 127 sub-themes.

The themes, in numerical codification into the original IATE file, appear in the databases of SDL MultiTerm with its developed name, as well as the reliability level in each term, which also appear as numerical codes into the original file.

The only allowed license has been to delete the full form codifications in the categorization of the term, maintaining those which presented differentiated data. This allowed us to reduce in a notable way the volume of the database, thus those terms in which the classification termtype is not shown we will have to presuppose that they correspond to terms cataloged as full form.


The terminological database POLITICS encompasses those terms that have been classified as corresponding to the thematic area POLITICS or any of its subareas.

  0406  political framework
  0411  political party
  0416  electoral procedure and voting
  0421  parliament
  0426  parliamentary proceedings
  0431  politics and public safety
  0436  executive power and public service

Given that the database is generated from a centralized structure, the supplied SDL MultiTerm database contains all the existing data. That means that are included terms  corresponding to the rest of the areas in which, at least, some of the categorizations belongs to the theme POLITICS or to its sub-themes

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Total entries:  52.721
Size:  441 Mb
Compressed size:  25 Mb (7-Zip)
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